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  • Alabama Gun Forum is a free, privately owned and supported community of gun owners. Alabama Gun Forum is free to join and free to use the marketplace. We are always working to improve the community. Please be aware of all forum rules and all gun regulations related to selling and buying firearms. Alabama Gun Forum is not responsible for transactions on this forum.
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Forum wide Rules
Welcome to Alabama Gun Forum. First off these are the rules for the entire forum.

1. No spamming - Spamming the forum would be a great way to get ban from using forum and your account closed. (e.g: Posting the same message in multiple forums about your firearms for sale when the sale only belongs in the marketplace. OR Referring to your sales thread in your other post when the topic is unrelated.

2. No fighting with other members, if you have a problem settle it privately if you can not, PM a Staff Members.

3. Do not ever make any threats to anyone, whether in the public forum or in a PM. This includes suggesting that you meet up with someone and fight. You will be permanently banned from the site.

4. Please don't take a dump in someone's ad. If you don't like it, think the price is ridiculous, etc. MOVE ON. Show some self control, discipline, maturity and act like an adult that supports free market capitalism in our great nation of freedom. Flipping is not encouraged, however it is embraced. If you have never bought something and sold it for a profit, you're either the most generous person in the world or the worst business person in the world (or a combination of both).

5. Please keep discussion threads on track. Purposeful derailment of a thread topic is destructive to the discussion and to the content of this site and will not be tolerated. If you want to start another discussion, then create a new thread. Keeping topics on track means, don't turn everything into a religious thread or a sex talk thread or a thread about "whatever your favorite thing is to talk about". If you purposefully derail a thread, your post may be removed. Repeated behavior of this will result in a warning.

6. Joking around is fine, this place is to be light hearted and no one should feel unwelcome. But know when enough is enough. Trolling and bullying will not be tolerated. Remember the "don't be a dick" rule.

7. Please be very courteous to new members and realize that a lot of people, including me, never look at the rules when they first join a site. If someone has 1 post and joined yesterday and they post a listing without a price, please don’t jump them for it. We're one big community of outdoorsmen and women, archers, campers, hikers, naturalists, and members of the gun culture. We need to treat each other as family and friends. Speaking of, we are sincerely appreciative of all the welcome responses you posts in the “Introduce Yourself” thread for new members.

8. You are allowed one account for your lifetime (i.e. "No Multiple Accounts") with some exclusions. Dealers and Retailers can have both a professional "dealer" account and a private personal account. This will help them keeping their business transactions and the personal transactions separate. Again, please do not abuse this as both accounts could be placed on suspension or banned.

8. No unfair, immature or personal attacks on anyone or any organization. Voicing criticism is allowed, but do so in a mature, professional way. Posting memes, photoshopped images, etc. of someone or an organization is not acceptable. Calling someone or an organization an insult is not acceptable. If you must voice criticism about someone or their product or organization, do so in a manner that that individual or organization could benefit from listening and taking certain measures. Bashing of other sites, including this site, stores, companies, organizations, products or people is not cool and doesn't help anyone. Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Please keep it respectful. Don't be a "Dickhead"!