.40 cal ammo and Glock magazines

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Active Member
Feb 1, 2016
North AL
Up for sale or trade is 450 rounds of .40 cal ammo and five .40 cal Glock magazines. Ammo is 100 rounds of golden saber and 50 federal hp and 300 fmj. Glock mags are 15 and 22 round Gen 4 mags with the ambidextrous cuts.

Firm on prices, you won’t find a better deal. Will sell ammo for $150 ($15 per box of fmj/ $20 per box of hp) and mags for $85 ($15ea for 15 rounders and $20ea for 22 rounders). Take it all for $225, Huntsville area.

Will trade for 9mm, 38 Special, 357 ammo of equal quantity / quality.


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