AR parts bin dump spikes magpul troy vortex AR lower parts

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New Member
Aug 29, 2018
FS/FT or reasonable offers considered.

All prices include shipping

will negotiate price on multiple purchase’s,and combine shipping.

I will also consider trades for other AR parts in similar condition, and or cash on your or my part to make up difference email is the only way to reach me [email protected].

Mil spec FCG $20.00 ea qty 2

Spikes tactical Battle Trigger FCG

$35.00 ea qty 2

New Spikes tactical T2 buffer and spring


PSA Mil spec carbine buffer assembly $25.00 ea qty 3 inclues end plates

308 rifle length buffer and spring


Magpul AFG2 $ 25.00

Magpul trigger gaurd $7.00

Magpul MOE grip black $12.00

Magpul MOE+ grip black

$17.00 ea qty 2

Magpul SL .750” enhanced butt pad $18.00

Magpul stock 0.030” buttpads

$5.00 ea qty 4

Magpul XTM rail panels

qty 24 $30.00

Magpul 10/25 7.62 mag $15.00

Troy industries PGRSA QD


BCM .750 gas block new


AIG pistol grip black $ 15.00

NIB Vortex 30MM bubble level $30.00

MFT retractable magwel vertical grip $18.00

PSA mil spec parts;

End plates $5.00 ea qty 4

Saftey’s $ 5.00 ea qty 3

Bolt release tabs $5.00 ea qty 4

Mill spec trigger gaurd $5.00

Flash hider $7.00 ea qty 3

A2 pistol grip $5.00

Bullet button $7.00 ea qty 5

Items im looking for,

H&K USP45ACP 12rd mags

Sig 365 12rd mags

Spyderco /benchmade blades

Surefire 556 muzzel brakes

QD endplates

Drop in AR triggers

Battle arms lower parts items JPSCS/ Tubbs buffer springs

Send me your offers, worst i can say is no.

Thank you for stopping by.



Nov 8, 2020
I’ll take that bcm gas block. Pending some photos. For some reaso. I can’t see photos on the forum. Does anyone know why? I’m sure it’s something on my end.
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