Kershaw and CRKT - Good-to-Go!

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Feb 2, 2016
I recently required warranty service from both of these organizations and wanted to express what a good experience I had with both.

First, my Kershaw Tanto Blur has truly been put through the wringer by yours truly...lots of wear, but all of it "honest." I'd even snapped the tip of the blade off and had it re-shaped by one of those knife-sharpening guys at a gun show!

Time came that the pocket clip became bent and loosened to the point of being unusable. I got the warranty directions from the Kershaw site and sent it in, fully expecting to be charged some $ for the clip and the blade - neither was a product failure, both were my doing.

The knife came back to me after about a month with a new blade and a new clip and NO charge.

As for Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT), the cap on my Williams Pen was no longer holding; an O-ring inside the cap had become loosened and I couldn't re-secure it.

I emailed CRKT's customer service with the intent of just getting a new O-ring from them, but was informed I'd be receiving a new cap instead, no charge. I had it in about a week!

Hope you've had good experiences with these folks and others, too, if you've ever needed "service after the sale."
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