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Private sales in Alabama


I am selling a Glock 17 and have a buyer, but he is 19. I know for dealer sales, you can’t sale a hand gun to someone under 21. However, when I search the law, it states that you can get a pistol permit in Alabama at 19 and to carry at 19 you would have to be gifted a hand gun or buy one in a private sale. I am getting this info from the gunstocarry.com Has anyone else ran into this and what is the right thing to do?

Tator Man

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I am not so sure I would do that, the liabilities of that could come back to bite you and cost you everything you got. That's just my opinion


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I think your choice is the right one. I would not sell to someone under age 21 unless I knew them personally. Let’s keep guns in the right adult hands.



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