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New Member
Jan 4, 2019
Jasper, AL
In November I had a firearm stolen. A report was made, but never heard a word from the investigator. Today I was able to recover the firearm from the individual who stole it, with no help from the local police. My question is, how do I go about getting the serial number cleared from NCIC? My wife will be carrying the gun since she works in a bad part of Birmingham and I don't want any kind of issues to arise if she is stopped or god forbid she has to use it.


Staff member
Premium Member
Dec 26, 2015
Birmingham Al
I would start off by checking with your local police department. If you want to press charges they may want the weapon as evidence. But just generally ask questions for the moment. You could also reach out to the local bham fbi for general information on how to remove the gun “once found” again I did not find any useful information on NCIC website. So calling and asking would be the best start.

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