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Shooting Groups Near Me??

Unarmed Lamb

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Are there any groups in the Cullman area that get together and shoot/train? I'm looking for fellow firearms enthusiasts near me, that get together and shoot as a group. It gets boring when you shoot by yourself all the time, and it's hard to meet new people that are willing to shoot with you, actually know guns, and aren't just looking to shoot all your ammo without contributing anything themselves. Feel free to PM me if you'd like. Guns are my passion, and I know my shit. I've got my own guns and will always bring my own ammo. I'd love to be able to find a group of people who take their training seriously. Shooting at a piece of paper is one thing, but there are certain skills that may come in handy someday. Tactics, teamwork, etc, etc... Feel free to message me if you know of a place where I might fit in. Thanks!


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Well I know there are some shooters up there it would be best if you looked into your local range. I know there are a few around Birmingham and they hold competitions and such. @TennJeep1618 may know something for your area, he does do some comps.


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I’m in HSV, but I haven’t really found a place or group to train with. Do you have a place to train?



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