SOLD Dan Wesson .22 Monson, 6" bbl $595 obo

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Dec 18, 2019
I bought this gun sometime around 1980. I never really fell in love with it. I shoot a semi-auto much better than a revolver and a rifle much better than a handgun. It spent most of its life in a drawer. It has a couple of bad spots in the bluing on the left side of the barrel shroud where a younger, drunker version of me showed it to a friend and didn't wipe the fingerprints off when I put it away. Discovered my error a month or so later. I cleaned it up and kept it oiled so it never got any worse. The gun probably hasn't had more than a few hundred rounds fired through it. Barrel and cylinders are in excellent condition as is the grip. I have a barrel wrench. It and the soft case and holster will be included. I don't have the tiny feeler gauge because I never used it. A larger automotive style one is just easier. I see these at the on line trading sites for upwards of $750 so I think this is a reasonable price but feel free to make a reasonable offer.

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