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Coated bullets

(SOLD) S&W Model 18-3 Combat Masterpiece Price Drop


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Jun 7, 2021
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Elkmont, AL
Fabulous Smith & Wesson Model 18-3 Combat Masterpiece in .22 S, L, LR
Previously owned by a gunsmith who informed me he had completely cleaned the internals.
Has the same sweet trigger action all the M18's I have owned have had with a standard width hammer and trigger.
The grips are in very good condition and I will guess they are the original but not numbered to the gun.
The bore is bright with good rifling and no rust or pitting.
If you are looking for an impressive shooter this might be the one.
Original box numbered to the gun and paperwork is included.

$900 $850
Current AL DL & CCW required to purchase.
Call me: two56-278-5598

Thanks for looking!


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