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Sorta law- do you support police?


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Feb 29, 2016
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New castle/livingston
Hell yeah. There are bad cops out there, but the incoming administration and party has shown itself to be so anti-cop its pathetic. Most of those white liberals spend time in areas of philadelphia. Detroit, chicago or baltimore that voted democrat by over 99% will be much more conservative or at worst consider joining a hate group as some of the most racist people i ever met were once white liberals.


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Nov 28, 2018
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I am not anti-cop defund the police, that is just stupidity.

I think many anti cop defund the police types would regret if that really happened as there are many armed patriots that would love an opportunity to 'take out the trash' without any legal repercussions.

Its one of those be careful what you ask for type situations and the defund crowd is only looking at it from one narrow point of view.

That said, I can't stand dirty cops, or cops on a power trip just being a dick to citizens because they can. I have no idea the percentage here, but know 100% it happens (and probably happens in every police force)


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Dec 26, 2015
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Birmingham Al
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I support what they do but not the ones that go into power trips and are over the top at every action.

I know they are human and people and try to help people. But sometimes you meet that one that is over himself about how it’s going to go and it’s his way or nothing. Luckily most of the police officers around me are laid back and for the most part don’t mess with people.


Sep 6, 2020
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Huntsville, AL
I don't know anymore. My grandfather was a cop. My father was a cop. They both have a lot of good stories about helping people, solving murder cases, or stopping something bad from happening. They also have a lot of bad stories about corruption, admins sweeping things under the rug, or other bad cops. Both my grandfather and father left because of all the bad things they saw.

My father even testified in a court case that was on behalf of the state in Birmingham. From what I understand that was also something where everyone looked the other way and nothing was really done. Now with body cameras and everyone having a cell phone all I see are cops just "following orders" without question. I support law and order and the people with authority should serve the people, not subjugate them. It seems they do more of the latter these days on behalf of corrupt politicians.