Spare Ammo for Your J-Frame

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Feb 2, 2016
Just thought I'd share something with the members here, a way I've been carrying spare ammo for a S&W J-frame snubby for a while that's worked pretty well for me.

Admittedly, speed loaders would be a better choice than what I use. My only concern, personally, with those is their concealment.

I've been using speed-strips, available from Bianchi and others. My favorite has become the Tuff Products Quick-Strip. I further like their 8-shot model, downloaded to just the 5 rounds that my .38 will hold. This gives me a little room to work with on a reload, and I'll take all the help I can get there haha...

With my setup, I'll load 2 then 2 then 1.

Shown here is my S&W 442, a couple of Quick-Strips, my JW O'Rourke pocket holster, and the Tuff Products double-strip pouch that I carry strong-side forward of the hip. It's compact, unobtrusive, and out of the way of both my front pocket and any larger handgun that may be on my strong-side hip.

I like to practice reloads and dry-fire with snap caps whenever I can, as well.



Jan 30, 2016
Thanks for sharing. I have the S&W 637 and I have been considering the speed loaders for a while but I don't see how you can conceal carry them practically. Speed strips might be the way to go. I will look into the Tuff products pouch.
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