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Anyone build a Poly 80?


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I have no idea why I did this, I was bored, I had a friend building one that sort of talked me into it
I am by no means concerned about confiscation or having a 'ghost gun', there is no gun registry in this country in the free states anyway

but this just had my curiosity and I have mixed feelings on it

link to the kit

Pic one is the completed lower, I milled out the 20% which is basically the top rail, the channel where the recoil spring lives and then drilling the holes for all the pins
The red guide this comes with makes it pretty easy to keep from messing it up (unless you use a drill press, that has enough power to mess it up quick)



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and since it had an RMR cut into the slide, I felt compelled to put a sight on it

The trijicon is out of my price range, so Holosun 407c it was



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So now the mixed feelings
It certainly is accurate, I have no problems hitting whatever I want to with it and that is with all OEM Gen 3 glock 17 trigger parts (I may still tweak the trigger)

I did have a few FTF, but I am not sure why, it could have been the ammo, might have been a couple light primer strikes. I would feel better about it if this never happened

I have about 200 rounds through it now, just cleaned it
ready to go back to the range take a few more shots and see what happens, hopefully no more FTFs

It feels like a perfectly normal pistol, if I didn't tell you I made it, you might not know (unless a glock was your EDC then you would know)

It ends up costing more than just buying a glock
but hey, now I have a ghost gun :)


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No one else? or most feel it isn't wise to document their ghost gun? lol

tweaking on it a little more over the last week (some fine sanding and polishing and working the action/trigger etc without ammo), I got a clean 150 rounds out of it today without any issues (only shot 150,)
Smooth as glass, equally as accurate as an OEM glock

I believe it is now completely broken in
Once I get about 1000 rounds down the pipe without issue, I will call it reliable


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it’s nice and I’ve seen people do it but I would have upgrade the spring and put a drop in trigger.


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I am not sure yet where the trigger will end up. I might just do the 25 cent polish job and drop in a 3.5 (or what OEM Glock now calls a 4.5) lb connector

The stock Glock trigger shoe does not bother me



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