Conceal carry clothing

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  • MadeInDixie

    Staff member
    May 10, 2016
    What are some of the less expensive better brands of pants and shirts and even belts that won't break the bank when you want to purchase them. 5.11 for example is a great brand, but too pricy for me being a simple working man. I have a couple of jeans that I wear when I do conceal carry that I bought just for that reason. Just wanted to hear your guys opinions and maybe learn about a new clothing line I like as well. Thanks guys.


    Well-Known Member
    Staff member
    Premium Member
    Dec 26, 2015
    Blue ridge at tractor supply

    thrift store is a good place to get jeans and stuff for work.


    Established Member
    Mar 13, 2021
    Yeah just get jeans 1 size up if you're on a budget, will do everything you need em to and won't draw undue attention since it's just normal jeans. For shirts I like wearing a button down untucked with some kind of pattern on it, that's supposed to help break up the outline of a gun should you print.


    Do I Smell Gunleather?!
    Premium Member
    Feb 2, 2016
    Ditto the untucked shirt approach with jeans, shorts, etc. If circumstances dictate a tucked-in shirt, then an appropriate cover garment over that. Even with jeans, a man can almost never be wrong with a blazer or sportcoat. :)

    For button-up shirts, I prefer Duluth Trading Co. when possible. Durable stuff and generously sized, and often on a decent sale online.

    I’ll just fess-up here, too - when weather permits, I’m not above every now and then breaking-out the fabled photographer / safari / “shoot-me-first” vest. I always chuckle when someone calls them by that third name. I think the stats are still pending on how many people wearing one of those have actually, you know, been “shot first.”

    Further, while it may be a blow to the ego for some, it’s to the concealed-carrier’s benefit that virtually no one cares what you’re wearing. Most don’t even notice to care. Most are far too absorbed in their smartphones to notice ANYTHING.

    Even funnier is that, on the few occasions I wear one of those vests, I almost always get a compliment. Who knows - maybe 1980s safari-wear is making a comeback?! :) I know, I know...probably not.

    Now, let me make sure my aloha-shirt collection is also still looking good... :cool:


    Established Member
    Air Force
    May 17, 2021
    Loose-fitting, untucked button down shirt for casual occasions. I believe a good belt is a critical consideration. I have two Hank's belts and I swear by them. They're very solid and the customer service and warranty are second to none.