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Dec 26, 2015
Birmingham Al
Dear Alabama Gun Forum Members,

This is the season that we get to see more family and spend time with ones that we usually have no time for. That distant relative that travels to see you or the grandparents you use to stay with each summer and don't anymore. Remember to give thanks and buy them something to remember you by. A nice firearm always hits a special spot.

I wanted to write a bit and tell you that I appreciate each of you who has become a member of the community. I know I have been rather scarce around here for the past few months. Some of you may know why and if you want to know more check out (This Thread). I am going to be more active in the up-coming months and see if I can not continue to build this forum. I am always looking for ways to get the people here and the name out.

I am also looking for a moderator to help with this place if you are willing to dedicate your time and help please PM me.

As always, I do not do this for the money but it always helps when a member donates to me or purchases an upgrade. I do not have many advertisers nor do I want your screen to be filled with advertisements so we will always run few ads.

Thank You All and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
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